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Velo HELP!!!!

Here are a few further tips for the upcoming velo Birmingham.

1) Only carry the essential tools and kit with you. innertube, levers, pump and multi tool. These can all go in one pocket if you like.

2) There are a lot of outriders who velo put around the route to assist with punctures etc.

3) The more weight you carry on your bike the harder you will have to work to get around the course. Remove lights, reflectors, bells and any other bits and bobs you may have collected over the winter months. The route is closed roads in broad daylight.

4) It is essential to keep hydrated. But having a camel pack will add drag and weight to your 100 miles. fill your bidons, and if necessary carry a water bottle in your back pocket. Drink the water first and dispose of the empty bottle.

5) The feed stations can get congested, especially the first one. Go in grab some food and water then get out.

6) Enjoy the occasion, it's a wonderful event and not something you can ever forget.

You are all ready and able to do this.

Please comment below if you have any questions or opinions.

This is all you need, and it can go in a pocket.

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 Denise Barratt
Denise Barratt

Snazzy little kit, haven't seen one like that. where can they be purchased from?

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