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About the Club

Welcome to Pelsall Social Cycling Club (A home for cyclists of all abilities).

We are a collective of local cyclists from all walks of life. All types and all styles of cycling are catered for, with our predominant rides being Sunday morning road rides.

There is also regular Saturday social rides which may be off road or on road, or even mixed.
Mountain Bike rides will be encouraged and will also appear on the pages. Mid week rides run throughout the year, these rides are a great introduction for newcomers to the sport.

We welcome all levels of ability into the group. There are those that like a slow Sunday morning roll out to the local café, through to those that like to break a sweat and earn a nice slice of cake and a coffee at half way stop.

The group promotes a positive atmosphere among our members, with support and encouragement being our mantra. We want you to have the confidence to get your bike out and feel the buzz you get from being part of a great group. If you are unsure of anything, or need a push to get yourself out on your bike you're in the right place.

The Facebook forum is a place to post up your questions and your ideas. We encourage members to share their adventures and plans for rides with the group. Friends will be made, adventures will be had while everyone gets fitter and healthier.

We would appreciate it when you join the group, that you write up a small introduction to the existing members. This will allow for regulars to talk with you about your expectations and needs.
If you like what you see here, please hit the like and share button to alert others of our presence.
Finally please be polite and thoughtful when you talk to members on the forums, we are all here to get along.

"Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike"
John F Kennedy


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