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100k Challenge ~ 1st August 2021

PSCC 100k
Climbing Challenge

By Warren Parry

About 4 weeks ago Woody said to me 'have you seen the 100k climbing challenge on GCN'. Well I hadn't, so went and took a look.

A 100k route with as many hills in it as you can do. No overlapping and no going over same road twice.

The challenge was born.

I have been meaning to do a fundraiser in memory of my brother since he passed away earlier this year.

Walsall hospice, was once St Giles Hospice but now stands alone. They looked after my brother and family during the last days of his life, to which i will be eternally grateful.

I put the challenge out there to see if club members fancied it. At this point I could see it might be a "go'er". So I set up a paypal pool for fundraising, with a target of £100. Well we surpassed that easily with the generosity of club members and other donors.

When ride day come along I wasn't aware of the planning and effort that had been put into the support. We had a broom wagon and 2 pit stops with food and water available. Each hill had cheerleaders located on it for moral support. The cowbells were fantastic, something I could only imagine happening. When arriving back at HQ we had memento towels for each participant and loads of food. Of course there was a lot of ale ready to be quaffed at the railway.

I have many people to thank for their contributions. The riders who took part. The support cats who formed the Pitcatz group. All of the donors. The broom wagon and last but not least the Railway inn for allowing us to ride to and from there.

I am eternally grateful to everyone in our great little club for supporting this cause.


The total raised is now in excess of £1500.

100K Gallery

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