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While out on group rides one may encounter a pothole or two......ok, well maybe a few hundred of the blighters. It is essential that the riders at the front of the group signal or shout up the danger, or better still both signal and shout up at the same time. There is nothing worse than seeing the rider directly in front miss a pothole by a inch then feeling your private parts crunching down on your saddle as you ride straight through it. A wave of your hand in the direction of the pothole or a shout should give riders the chance to avoid the aforementioned eye watering issues with crushed body parts.

crunching experience.

There are other obstructions that one might encounter while out on a ride. Manholes and gully covers can be a problem in wet or cold weather. The rubber on the bike tyre might not grip so well when turning on a piece of ironwork in the road surface. That being said, most ironwork is perfectly safe to traverse over when the conditions are favourable. After all, who would want to call out every road gully cover or inspection chamber lid...." manhole, Drain, Drain, Drain, Manhole, Drain, Drain, Manhole, Pothole " how would you ever have time to tell the rider next to you about how awesome you are on the bike?

If they are flat and level, they are relatively safe.

Remember we look after each other while out on the road. Shouting out obstructions in the road and indicating "car up (behind you) or car down (oncoming) to your clubmates is a great way to improve the safety of everyone.

It's not quite this bad.

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