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No One Left Behind

A tip to all those who find themselves struggling to keep up on rides. We encourage people to push their boundaries, and that means people will suffer on some of the rides. So here is the tip; Become a wheel sucker. Get on the person in fronts wheel, and sit as close as you safely can. There are no rewards for getting your head out in the wind other than suffering. There are plenty of group members who don't mind being on the front. Soon enough you will feel strong enough to get your head into the wind and do your turn. Here is an image of my heart rate during the ride on Sunday. i was on the front for 21 miles (4 from home included) to start with, then dropped into the pack. See how my heart rate drops once i got some cover up front. Later in the ride i was back on front and my heart rate is back up. The general consensus is that being on the front is up to 20% more difficult than being in cover.

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So true Denise

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