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Competitive, you bet it was.

Pelsall Social Cycling club set up a cycle challenge which suited and would challenge all types and speeds of riders.

Classic group, The usual 13mph riders would take on a route requiring at least 14 mph to stand a chance of taking the title. The course was a urban 14 mile road route.

The Tempo group usualy average 16mph rides, and would need to get 19.5 to 20mph average to stand a chance on their 21 mile country and urban mixed course.

The mountain bikers took on a predominantly canal based rout, demanding a 14mph average to hand the the title.

All routes finished at cupcake lane Tettenhall Wolverhampton.

We all cycle for different reasons; Some just love cycling, some do it to get fit, some for the competitiveness, then some for the suffering and others for all of the above. It was great to see 27 very different people having a go and pushing themselves to places where it is sometimes uncomfortable to go with the clubs cupcake lane challenge. The MTBers took on a something slightly different from the normal and came home with huge smiles on their faces while looking magnificent in their gear. The canal and track ride they undertook demanded a high average speed which required skill and determination.

While the classic group went into new territory. They formed a powerful peloton which hit an average speed above and beyond what was predicted. They were magnanimous in their well earned victory.

The tempo group had an initial 5 rider breakaway, a catch of the breakaway and a lung bursting average speed. Riders took on the challenge even though it was a massive ask for to do so. There were riders who helped at the front and the back of each group to ensure everyone was a winner in the challenge. This typifies what PSCC are about, an inclusive friendly and competitive group of very different people. Proud to be part of such a diverse and helpful collective.

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Barry Cooke
Barry Cooke
Jul 09, 2019

I think you should make it monthly or at least quarterly. Look forward to the next challenge

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