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A cycling holiday in Majorca.

There's no two ways about it, Majorca is the holiday destination for British cyclists right now. But why do they flock in their tens of thousands to this, the largest of the Balearic islands, each year?

Pedro Delgado, the Spaniard who won the Tour de France and Vuelta a España in the late 1980s, says it's simple: "In Majorca you can find everything, It's very close to Britain, it's only a short flight".

"Majorca is a special place to cycle because the weather is good and you can find flat terrain or mountains; Majorca offers riders of different abilities good opportunities. I think it's a perfect place to ride."

A known training camp base for Team Ineos, Astana, Canyon-SRAM, Bora and – whilst we’re at it – most of the pro peloton at one time or another, the Balearic Island is a popular host for amateur clubs and teams as well.

Why go to Mallorca?

Firstly – if you need convincing as to why you should make Mallorca your destination of choice, it’s because you’re promised a trio of good weather, mixed terrain and (largely) understanding drivers.

Mallorca has been the Mecca for cyclists for many years now and that is basically because it offers warm and predictable weather with a vast mixture of terrain, adding you can have a long flat day if you wanted or destroy your legs in the mountains if you’d prefer.

The roads are smooth and well maintained and the locals understand that cycling is a big part of their holiday season so often are good at dealing with large groups of cyclists and tend to be a little more patient than drivers back home.

Everyone’s got to have a cherished road, “my favourite part of the island is the mass of small lanes between Pollensa and Alcudia. The lanes are smooth and traffic free, there are one or two sharp little climbs and loads to see.

In March and May, maximum temperatures vary from 17 to 22°C, then 23-19°C in October and November. December, January and February are cooler but still see highs of around 15°C – though this is variable, the island has seen snow at this time of year. Planning your trip in the off-season proper is a bit of a risk.

Accommodation can cost about £480 with flights for a week in early season and slightly less in Late season.

Bike hire is extensive in Majorca, with a wide range of prices according to what bike you hire.

You can get a 105 bike for about 18 euros a day, or a flat bar for less. then you can step up to a Pinarello F12 for mega bucks, an e-bike or recumbent cycle can be found at various rates.

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