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2019 a great year for cycling.

In February 2019 Pelsall Social Cycling Club was born.

Three very brave individuals decided that setting up a new social cycling club was one way they could enhance their cycling experience. This club would soon also provide a home for other like-minded individuals. And so on that cold damp day, Pelsall Social Cycling Club was conceived.

From the early days the group rides consisted of 4 or 5 cyclist, enjoying each others company. Cake was almost always consumed with copious amounts of coffee. The home venue for PSCC was chosen (The Railway Inn) in Pelsall.

As time passed in the early weeks, the numbers began to grow. People were hearing of the fun and fitness that the current membership were achieving. 5 became 7 then 10 then 20 plus every Sunday.

The female membership was huge, with the Ladies acquiring the nickname "Hellcats" mainly due to their fear not attitude.

The club has been known to do some cycling between the drinking session, that occur at regular intervals. In fact the club is known as a drinking club with a cycling habit!

To cap off what the club has achieved this year we have put together a end of year video.

To summarise, Formed club, gained numerous members, conqured many sportives and Audax, club trips to watch the UCI world championships, Designed and ordered club kit, and finally a club trip for 2020 to Majorca.

If you are interested in joining Pelsall social cycling club, head over to Facebook and join up or email us through our website.

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