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Old enough to know better but started cycling in September 21 after shall we say many many years of doing diddly squat

A good idea says I grab the bike from the shed bought around 6 years previously on a whim never to be used !!!

Started to cycle a little not very far 5 or so miles

It was talking 40 mins or so so did it a bit quicker shaved 10-15 mins off this eventually then joined in on a sat ride WAKE UP CALL for me definitely not as fit as I thought I was Walked up the first hill that was encountered (doh) ...

Now a few months later I can manage most of the hills though sometimes it feels that I'm not going to but for the encouragement from fellow riders who egg me on to not be defeated I'm now looking forward to next year where I hope to be fit enough to go on the rides that are a little bit quicker/longer .... we'll see ...t.b.c



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