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If the Helcats go down to the woods today, you will be sure of a big surprise!

The Helcats.

If your not already familiar with what or who the "Helcats" are, well let me tell you.

The Hellcats are an intrepid group of ladies who have joined our cycle club over the last 12 months, and broken down Barriers. They have broken down personal barriers as well as social barriers. It's a big step for anyone to join a social club of any type, let alone one which incorporates pushing your physical boundaries to breaking point. These ladies chose a cycling club (not a previous stronghold of ladies) and thrived. Bonds have been formed, friendships have grown and confidence has grown.

And with a burst of sunlight they appeared....The Helcats.

The Friendships.

Friendships within the club seem to have developed quite randomly. People who might never have met, had it not been for them joining Pelsall Social Cycling Club are now friends. Meet ups and ride outs are a regular occurance. Nights out and social events spring up with regular familiarity. The club has a Majorca cycling holiday booked, which is very well attended by the Helcats. Midweek rides where Helcats post a facebook message "anyone fancy going out" seem to be well received. Helcats have formed bonds and they are strong; Strong ladies, strong Helcats.

Tarmac and mud.

Always on the go.

Climbing the heights.

The Helcacat meet ups.

The Helcats hath no fear. You might find them venturing out on a Mountain bike, a road bike, in a swimming costume or even running shoes.....oh or in a pub. These ladies have inspired other ladies to come out of their shells and join in the fun, which is great to see. During the recent bad weather the Helcats have been taking part in a Fair few Mountain bike adventures. They are fearless in their attitude, not bothered by a bit of mud and water. This is what reinforces their title as the club "Helcats". We hope the Helcats continue to thrive and bring other Ladies into their fold. They are a wonderful asset and a fantastic avert for healthy living.

Who don't love mud?

No Fear Helcat's.

Self sufficient.

You gotta love a Helcat, i do.

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